I am here to help if you or someone else is stuck on a specific part of the process but I do have a busy schedule so you will need to do the research. A few Tablets come with a regular USB port and the connection becomes straightforward I better have one of those connectors. So how does one actually connect the keyboard to the device? What does this comment mean? You can also connect a wired controller, and a wireless controller dongle to your phone as well. Blue tooth keyboards for REAL uses suck.

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It would be good to try it with a phone as you did. One thing I found surprising is that Android actually supports most of the special keys on a keyboard. I had a wireless not Bluetooth keyboard laying around, worked instantly on my Nexus 7.

I have no problems with the shift key, control key, or alt key now! Samsung mtyab truly made there devices able to connect to anything.

Read More are convenient and easy to set up, but did you know that USB keyboards are viable too? Bluetooth keyboards are more expensive, basically.

Galaxy Tab 4: Enable USB Debugging

I have a Samsung N tablet and I bought the otg cable from a vender at our local fleemarket where I stay. Hey Erez, I was able to get StickMount working successfully on my 4. Having a OTG cable means going mobile, even tossing a small little wired keyboard, etc, into your travel bag and getting some serious typing done while OTG on the go I’ll connect a USB keyboard next, just to see ,ytab it works.


But on myfab other hand, once you have a keyboard, thumb drive, or any other USB device connected, you are still left with a Windows Phone. I dont put my bank details into any computer so a shop has to do.

There remain other alternative typing options 6 Different Ways to Type on an Android Phone 6 Different Ways to Type on an Android Phone You myytab how to type on your Android phone, but did you know that you can also type with Morse code, your voice, and more? I think Mytba does not work on too many phones, actually only a very limited set in which Samsung Galaxy s2 is the king.

This is so useful when mytwb longform, such as when recording notes or writing up a paper. I want a keyboardfolio. The Galaxy Tab 2 has a proprietary usb connector so what you need to do it would be a usb male to female converter used in conjunction with the usb data cable that came along with your tablet.

Please give me any solution to connect keyboard with my mobile.

ICS brings the capability to use all sorts of peripherals and plug and play use for keyboards, mice, and game controllers on all devices running 4. Works with Gingerbread as well. Ive tried usb sticks on about 10 phones. But I can think of a few occasions when an Android device with a keyboard can prove a better fit than a proper laptop.


For this to work it requires ICS or newer. Works great on my Sony S tablet. They usually extend the exchange period over the holidays. My wife really needed a keyboard and mouse to make working on her tablet easier. But even after all this time, with improvement after improvement, they still lack in one critical area: I love my iPhone but Android based phones seem extremely versatile.

How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone

I also have the same issue with my tab 4 7 myhab, nd I bought external use keyboard from eBay. What can I do? Thanks Ben, I appreciate the tip! I know that since I got a Nexus 7 without a microSD card slot getting this to work was very important to me.

Galaxy Tab 4: Enable USB Debugging

Why not use a bluetooth keyboard for this? That’s such a brilliant little device!

I have one ultrabook and one gaming laptop.