You simply mouse over and click the one you wish to bring forward. Just draw one straw and array it. Hell, it is perfect. The family includes three members: I’m not sure, but it seems that the same team is responsible for Logitech’s upcoming wireless PC stick. Any lag would kill the usefulness of the function, but the quick switch works immediately and without fail. The Dual Optical felt downright uncooperative after suing the MX

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Of course, none of us will move this, or any, mouse 40 inches in mouwe second, but it’s nice to know that the MX could keep pace. Thankfully, our mad Croatian hit all the right marks, and made all the right testicular references, in the review. The tiny pictures needed for tracking simply come out poorly. Optical kouse track motion through a series of tiny pictures taken in quick succession, so more megapixels per second means more accurate movement on screen.

Logitech Mx500 Optical Mouse

Does the button work correctly in other application? As m5x00 resolution, the engine offers 00 dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. The rest are set up for right hand use.

Thu May 24, 6: I know there are a few specialty gaming mice on the market that employ the old ball-and-rollers design, but those companies are just being nostalgic. I am having a wierd problem with my mouse wheel – It stopped panning.


The new version has a much stiffer feel, with much stiffer click. You’d probably need to download a new version, but I’d expect it to work OK. However, not all of the buttons are recognized in games.

Logitech Mx500 Optical Mouse MX 500

I’ve never hear of uberOptions, so I assume I am not using them And for speed, the mouse can track up to 40 inches per second.

With hope Logitech can find a remedy and release a gamer’s update before too long. This kind of detail is testament to Logitech’s attention to build quality and product control, both of which are outstanding. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. If you thought the Dual Optical was a nice model, then you’ll flip your lid over the MX G5 which is slowly dying the wheel You can probably take it apart and clean the dust out of the wheel.

Logitech MX replacement mouse? – Ars Technica OpenForum

At times the rear thumb button shows up as Mouse 1 during setup. One buttons sits just in front of the wheel and is marked with a forward-pointing arrow; another sits behind the scroll wheel and is marked with a backward-pointing arrow; the third sits behind the second and is marked with two windows. The Dual Optical felt downright uncooperative after suing the MX I’m still happily using my MX on my Windows 7 Ultimate bit computer.


Feb 20, Posts: Sun May 13, 8: You need to install and use X-Mouse by Highrez. Mbuttonpan is set to 1. The trick is to set a rarely used command on this little guy, so that you don’t have to constantly slide your hand forward to use it.

The action is also smoother during depression. Thu May 10, 5: I have the MX and in order to get mine to work muose I had to go into the Logitech Control Panel for the mouse and set the wheel to ‘Generic Button’.

I hope you’re not still using a ball mouse.

Logitech MX optical mouse – wheel does not Pan

It might sound like I’m just slathering on the praise, but the curved area feels perfect. I really didn’t think a comparable, much less superior, mouse would hit the streets for some time. Thu May 24, 7: