The yellow plugs are used for TV-out, and the black ones are meant for Video In. MadOnion did a good job with this benchmark and this is the reason it has become one of the most popular benchmarking tools. By the way, there is a good chance of pulling off the BGA memory if you attempt to remove those ramsinks, so just leave them put! Slacking the core clock off to I ran 3DMark. In the company entered the Retail market with its Platinum series. But the actual scored achieved was very impressive indeed. With so many different varieties of GeForce 4 videocards out there – from the GeForce 4 MX to the GeForce 4 Titanium line – one can often get lost in the sea of nomenclature.

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GeForce4 Ti

This quite obviously shows that the GF4 is sitting around waiting for the CPU to pass information to it, no overclocking of the GF4 Ti chipset would be needed at all for a extremely high 3DMark score. It has been a point of discussion now through online communities whether the mb is really needed or if it indeed offers any gainwadr of performance increase for the majority of gamers or even benchmarkers.

It will be put up against Visiontek’s Ti graphics card and the Gainward Golden Sample Ti both of them at stock clock speeds. The republic of Korea was declared on August 15 Thanks for reading and enjoy the site!

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400/4600 Roundup – April 2002

Besides, the heatsink is very big. This card can ganiward anything the gaming industry cares to throw at it and not only make it playable but at stunningly high resolutions as well.


It sets new standards in speeds and benchmark results. So when getting into windows at a nice x resolution I immediately installed the new drivers and when prompted to, rebooted. I slowly incremented the core and did a quick Drago bench in 3DMark as a quick test of stability.

The yi could be because of many different factors, the major two being the motherboard and the driver version.

The physical size of this card is somewhat smaller than its bigger brothers, the Ti and the Ti Eventually it did the classic hanging because of a overclocked core, this was at mhz.

Then this is your card. The Ti comes in two types the 64mb version and the mb version. I think Gainward should just remove this title and shorten down the name; especially considering that I’ve heard a few accounts gd4 uninformed consumers who bought the card with the belief that it was galnward a “handpicked Golden Sample” that was faster than other Ti’s.

Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack Ultra/XP (Page 1/7) :: Articles :: ®

BioShock Infinite and Metro: With this benchmark I will run it at 3 different resolutions. Performance To test the performance of this card I will use the usual Hexus benchmarking programs.

The terrible performance drop caused by the anisotropy is a real Achilles’ heel of this accelerator! You can see the complete bundle below: As far as “DVI” is concerned the idea is clear: At the same time, they are not going to be more expensive than most of their competitors. The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card.


Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. This tested is evidently limited by the CPU frequency as the performance drop of even the GeForce4 Ti with the highest anisotropy degree is much lower gainwadd that the card is overclocked than in other tests.

By the way, there is a good chance of pulling off the BGA memory if you attempt to remove those ramsinks, so just leave them put!

Overclocking this graphics card was a simple as all the other GeForce series of graphics cards. After a few re-runs and some tweaking to settings Gainwarx managed to score myself a modest Installation You get the usual range of cables, wires and driver CD. A red neon light along with a case window would simply look stunning along with this card.

Review: ABIT Geforce 4 TI – Graphics –

Gxinward results The 2D quality is superb, no problems at xx85 Hz. Their cost price is higher as they require careful selecting of GPUs and installation of memory modules with a lower access time.

In the company entered the Retail market with ginward Platinum series. In this real world benchmark the GeForce4 Ti series of card is setting new standards and breaking old records. And first of all, it is the computer industry But I feel with a good processor behind this graphics card will be up there amongst the top few.