Forums New posts Search forums. It’s working on my system very well. My final solution for my media was to rip my blu ray to my computer, demux the dts audio track out of the m2ts file, convert it to ac3, remux my orignal m2ts file with adding my new ac3 track. I moved the ac3 track up to the very first ac3 track just below the dts track. Sep 13, 9. My mistake, though my intention was to post this in the AMD E thread, as the question had been asked, but had not been answered.

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I’d been looking at Intel cards, including that very model – I’ve now ordered one and will see if that cures the problem. Your laptop should be happy with anything, but will the file server hold onto formats which your tablet and PS3 are able to play natively? freenaas

Power measured with KillaWatt, “at the wall”. Joined May 27, Messages 86 Thanks 0. Will format conversions be required? Testing was done on a windows 7 pc with a gig connection to a netgear wndr realte the nas. Does anyone have input on this? I was wondering if there is a way to have ubuntu server go into standby after x minutes of inactivity.


Zacate build for zfs freenas

I was thinking that myself and was going to try a different psu once I dug it up. The big difference is that whatever was stopping my m-search requests with freenas is no longer an issue and the freenass server is instantly available to my ps3. I have my box together now running freenas 7. Tonight I have made some advancements with the power config I want to use.

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Is the RTLE supported or do i need to compile the drivers beforehand? With the end result being exactly what I envisioned. D4RK1C3Sep 15, D4RK1C3Sep 25, Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

I think the power supply may be the reason for the difference between him and my energy use. Sep 15, There’s been some conflicting information as to whether the RTLE works or not, fortunately I managed to get it working after days of frustration using this guide here some wonderful soul uploaded a compiled driver: Overall I am satisfied.


HolyK Ninja Turtle Moderator. It shouldn’t be a problem now, but if I want to add in the future will I be able to? If you would like an idea of just the board itself I can remove the other components and then add them back in one by one.

Will edit with screenshots if i can. Joined May 28, Messages 59 Thanks 0.

Zacate build for zfs freenas | [H]ard|Forum

There are a couple things floating around in my mind right now. However, I cannot get the console options to set up the network adapter and specify an IP address. MrSmegzabushSep 10, This topic has been deleted.

Loading More Posts 6 Posts. D4RK1C3Sep 13, In terms of file usage. Not sure why, but its very noticeable.

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