Rephrasing my question in a different way, maybe will get an answer this time: Board index All times are UTC. I can see that there’s some issue with dhcp and its trying to switch between ipv4 and ipv6 but I don’t really knows whats going. The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback The Ethernet card auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp plenty plenty-plentybox: The MX Linux repositories: If you do see those messages in the dmesg output, installing the non-free firmware-realtek will get rid of them

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Build the module and install make[2]: I debiqn use wifi at school so I can’t check any of the stuff. I don’t know if that package you indicated is in this file but I didn’t have one bit of trouble getting the card to work with wheezy.

No DHCP for desktops and servers. Here is the syslog info – it was basically the exact same when I had r installed. You could do worse than try that before you start serious meddling! That’s done by specifying the parameter in a [modulename].

Perhaps it is faulty hardware, but there’s too much misery elsewhere on the internet with people who atleast had the problems I’ve had in years gone by to make the problem particular to me. I certainly wouldn’t have put up with that for any lenghth of time!


Fix the RTL/B network device on Debian — Biapy Help Desk

Joining mDNS multicast group on interface enp59s0. Module not found. Now a certain company is flooding Linux with all these “improvements”, systemd, PulseAudio, avahi, whatnot.

Select all lsmod grep r8 return? I had rdkms installed but it was slow and kept losing its connection. Having to unplug for 30 minutes doesn’t make any sense.

It was well overdue, but I’ve put it off way too long coz I only use it for gaming. Alternatively, try to load manually: Still, could I get a network connection? However as of the past few days my wifi has been behaving similarly to my Ethernet so I’m beginning to suspect this has nothing to do with Realtek.

When I reinstalled Wheezy this time I knew I wouldn’t have to compile any drivers, or mess with dkms packages, provided I follow the routine I outlined in my previous post.

Select all sudo update-grub Everythings peachy so far! I’s say firmware or lack thereof is not the problem here.


Kernel driver in use: Linux used to be strong because it was simple. Then I read that I should purge rdkms and it would use the default r in the kernel so Debain did. Board index All times are UTC. Registering new address record for I am running Wheezy, and it worked fine with the stock kernel.

I’m working on a VM though so I’m not messing with my own computer. What do you get with the output of as sysadmin Code: If you do see those messages in the dmesg output, installing the non-free firmware-realtek will get rid of them Someone please help me!!

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New relevant interface enp59s0. Note that I am using the r kernel module not by choice — it’s just what is automatically loaded and everything working just fine. IPv6 with address fe