All you need to do is plug it in, no assembly required. Advanced joystick and units conversion block are only available in Multi-axis interface. Find and compare Axis products, and match them with the right accessories. Find the right Axis solution, from basic surveillance to large-scale security. XILab Main window in multi-axis control mode.

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XILab Main window in multi-axis control mode. Available at a recommended retail price of R, consumers are presented with a reasonably priced memory augment.

EA USB Axis Module | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

This exceptional product provides durable solid-state storage in a highly portable platform that’s convenient for mobile users. Supporting up to 50 motorized positioners.

Axiz Axiz provides technology intelligence axi innovative thinking to its business partners when they buy the quality products Axiz provides from market leaders HP, Microsoft, Intel, Kingston, LG, Lexmark, Asus, Acer and Genius, as well as its own brand Axiz. Combining easy installation, high reliability and multilingual support, the AXIS OfficeBasic USB Wireless axjz server is one of the most user friendly solutions available on the market.


Assembly kit to fix two or more controller boxes together. XiLab supports multiaxial mode and multidimensional control scripts.

AXIS OfficeBasic USB Wireless | Axis Communications

Axiz carolinem axiz. Communication speed, parity and stop bits are wide configurable.

Wireless pocket USB print server Support for With modern controller design even simple and inexpensive positioners can be utilized to achieve high axzi and precision. Benefit from its good value today and in isb future. Advanced joystick and units conversion block are only available in Multi-axis interface.

XILab software has two types of interfaces: Checksums are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it has been downloaded from a server to a client device. XILab Main window in single-axis control mode.

The controller is great at driving bipolar stepper motors with a rated winding current of up to 3 A and DC motors with rated current up to 6 A. Find the right Axis solution, from basic surveillance to large-scale security. Brief description An overview of today’s approaches for flexible motion control in lab experiments is sxiz.

AXIS OfficeBasic USB

Ready to use Configuration files for Standa stages. Tens of thousands of 8SMC1 stepper motor controllers take part in the market.


New software extension for integration with Tango environment is available. Voltage 2 V – axix V. Manuals Manuals Press release.

It doesn’t matter which motor technology you prefer: You can choose any of these interfaces that fits your application the best.

Because of the cable-free network connection, the printer and print server can be placed in the most convenient location. Single-axis and Multi-axis control interfaces contain motor and controller parameters: It is possible to output motor and controller status in form of charts and save them to a file.

uzb Coming Shows Participation History. Find us on youtube. Press release Axis introduces new wireless print server – sharing a printer has never been easier 58 KB. Single-axis control and Multi-axis control. Main Office Distributors Worldwide.