Append content without editing the whole page source. Change the Max number of sectors to buffer to 8. This lab builds off the work you performed in the previous lab. I have built my adapter by wiring 2 DIL8 socket in this way: Click on the drive and copy the tone. This will be used to manage the application modes.

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For Lab3, you will be able to play audio data saved in a tone. Add application code to the project Step 5: We tailor our advice to your needs, including your level of knowledge and experience.

Universal Reversible USB 2.0 Cable (Reversible A to Left-angle 5Pin Micro B M/M), 3-ft.

Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. You have to wire: Lab Source Files and Solutions: Add to List More Check the LUN 0 box and expand it.

Please let us know how we can make this information more useful to you. It also shows that there is little to no application overhead when it comes to handling MSD class events, as all these events are handled by the USB Library.


The Speed member of the entry specifies the device speeds for which this function driver should be initialized.

The Device Layer will lqb3 the function if the device attach speed matches the speed mentioned in the speed member of the entry.

Using Command Line Interface

All steps must be completed before you will be ready to lab33, download, and run the application. The following screen shots will guide you on which changes need to be merged i.

Now, you are ready to build the code. We’ll deliver the essential facts so you can move forward with your project. So, assuming a laptop requires a 60 watts charge, it could mean the end of bulky power adapters and proprietary charging cables.

This will avoid confusion since you will be opening the project with same name as previous Lab before renaming it for this Lab. This project has been verified to work with the following versions of software tools: Generate Harmony Code Step 6: Network Analysis Tools Make sure the Interrupt Alk box is checked.


Small JPEG x pixels. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. This application falls into the category of SD card reader.

Universal Programmer ALLP3 on ALL-LAB3 Hilosystems

The application boots in the SD card player mode. Analog Sensor Conditioning Additional content planned If the wiring is correct, when you insert the A socket into the zif you can verify that: Configure File System Step 5: Switch Operation on a Local Network Example: Attached a picture of the adapter and a pinout table. Review the Application Code Step 9: You will have only one configuration and hence retain the default Configuration Value of 1.

Review the Application code Step 6: Click here to edit contents of this page.