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Check out the following links for more information: You need to realize that this "problem" is your problem. And it won't - all the "cherry" is is a very very very thin layer of skin that covers the cervix and it can be broken by a tampon or even a slight fall Is a penis of 5'8 to 6 a good size? My girlfriend's cherry didn't pop when we had sex. His ignorance not knowing the female anatomy is causing other issues.

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Naturally tampons will "break" through, as well as if she has ever fingered herself or used a sex toy.

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Does a woman always bleed when she has sex for the first time?

Is that true and how can I solve the problem? Some people with vaginas do experience some bleeding or burning as the tissue stretches usually if the stretching results in a small tearthough not all. Unfortunately, due to popular culture and the dubious sex -ed that many of us get from cheap romance novels, we've got a pretty darn unrealistic idea of what a hymen what people are often really talking about when they discuss one's "cherry" is and does. You can do this by making sure you get annual gynecological exams and STI screenings and that you are using safer sex practices with all partners. Beyond that, it's not uncommon for one's hymen to stretch and wear away through adolescence due to things like physical activity, accidents or traumatampon usage, masturbation, etc. Usually what occurs is a stretching of the hymen during insertive activities.

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