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I would have felt more sympathy for her if she hadn't done "Harvard Man" or I hadn't read that she laughed at Marsters for having to be the only one naked. And as Marsters describes it, the process by which they came up with the idea for the scene was pretty devastating as well. I found these deep character studies fascinating. We all know the back story now. It wasn't what was shown that was necessarily shocking, although there were some steamy scenes. When people talk about Angel being the much darker show, I think of Buffy Season 6 and shake my head. Or maybe Sarah remembered it incorrectly.

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I just wanted to say that for some reason.

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3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Smashed

I can sort of understand if she felt the character was degraded. Yes, Buffy should be held to a higher standard. Then she initiates sex with him. Please don't play victim to me, I didn't call anybody a liar. That happens to, with all the scenes they have to know. But as we know soulled Spike now, or William of the past, I seriously doubt he would have taken advantage of Buffy the way he did.

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buffy spike sex scene
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buffy spike sex scene
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3 thoughts on “Buffy spike sex scene

  1. Its a shame she has to work with such less talented people. I mean it was painful seeing "Dad" try to improvise and move the plot toward fucking her in the gym scene. He would repeat everything three or four times. I really almost just quit watching at that point.

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