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There is no explicit sex like in "Son de mar" or "Jamon,Jamon" and this is good because "la femme de chambre du titanic" Becomes Romantic and perhaps a little bit erotic.

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Because Horty's boss has eyes for his lovely wife Zoe, she remains at home, leaving Marie and Horty to their own devices. Do they feel love too? His wife overhears his stories, and believes that he cheated on her. His erotic tales become famous, drawing more and more people in the audience every night in the bar and changing the sexual lives of his friends. To imagine yourself as a member of the audience at that time, imagine that it's November and you're going to the show of someone claiming to be a survivor of the World Trade Center. In Lorraine, the worker Horty Olivier Martinez wins an internal competition promoted by Simeon Didier Bezacethe owner of the foundry where he works, and the prize is a travel to Southampton alone to see the departure of the Titanic.

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