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It was time to reveal her little surprise. His eyes grew wide when he saw exactly where it was pointed. Ginny had decided to eschew all clothing in favor of what she termed "Naked Weekend", and only slung a sheet around her torso in deference to the cold wooden chairs against her bum. He was about to toss the wand back onto the nightstand when she stole it back from him. Subscribe to our Celebs newsletter Enter email Subscribe.

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She knew she was really going to be sore tomorrow, but right now she felt too good to care. This week, she appeared to have lost physical custody of her eldest son, 8-year-old Roan, but her lawyer said she did not lose custody but continues to share joint custody with her ex-husband San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein. She could feel his hard penis pressing into her and her stomach muscles contracted involuntarily as she thought about him sliding inside of her. Harry was lost for a second, until he saw her toss the blanket off her shoulders, revealing her naked body to his gaze. Sexy images of the wizard with Hermione Granger will make Ron Weasley jealous during a battle scene with a magic monster, and Harry will also be nude as he nearly dies in a scene at Kings Cross. A "Potter" Premiere Radcliffe, 18, earned rave reviews for his performance in the London production of the Tony Award-winning play. It should last for 24 hours.

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