Lord fo the flies naked

Parodied excerpt of "The Sound of the Shell. Why is Lord of the Flies novel called Lord of the Flies? He looked up and grinned, looking as innocent as a littlun. Originally posted by codecomplete You guys should give it a rest. Some were naked and carrying their clothes; others half-naked, or more or less dressed, in school uniforms, grey, blue, fawn, jacketed, or jerseyed.

He tries to restore order within his own tribe.

Lord of the Flies: The Symbolism of the Clothing

Originally posted by marty Also be warned: Ralph is the notable exception, and as the story progresses he is constantly bothered by his stiff, salt-encrusted clothes which chafe his skin. I do not own LotF or Choir Stories! And it was better than 'Fatty. Perhaps it was time to take his chances for getting a 'friendship' with Ralph. They are young boys without any females around, so it is not surprising that they quit wearing anything which is uncomfortable or unwieldy when they get "caught short" because they eat too much fruit.

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