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If you let your child go nude for a specific amount of time each day about 30 minutes after bathtime or an hour before her midday naphe may be less likely to take off all his clothes at other times. And if it is true, that this was done to make the dolls more modest, the tide is rising for a more regressive, less body-positive world for our girls. I keep hoping that our daughters will grow up with a different outlook -- that our culture is progressing into a place where young women aren't afraid to be natural, aren't ashamed of their bodies, and don't think periods are "gross. Ask simple questions such as, "Would you like to wear your black pants or the blue pants? Bartell has a different, more Freudian take on this: If American Girl is worried about children with fine motor control, it's hard to believe the underwear is the most difficult accessory related to the doll. It may be a result of how you were raised, your cultural background, or your personality.

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And this year alone, across the UK the police have investigated thousands of children for sexting including a five-year-old boy in County Durham, and a year-old boy who was cautioned by Northumbria Police.

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Is It OK to Be Naked Around Your Kids?

So what gives, American Girl? I would chat fully clothed as I waited till everyone was gone. We made the decision for a variety of reasons Bartell has a different, more Freudian take on this: Is sexting just another way for teenagers to express themselves. Here's what the latest research….

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