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We're fighting for our lives! Either use the beach ball for elevation to hit the switch or jump on the doorway, jump left, and activate the switch. None, Poseidome opens up this part. Beat Bubble Buddy's Time Socks: Slip and Slide Under the Pier 8. Each costs Shiny Objects to enter. The Flying Dutchman wants you to clear out the robots on his ship and destroy the robot's ship.

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Fly over to that roof, take out the Tar-tar and climb the pipe to get the wheel.

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Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Use your shadow for guidance. We're fighting for our lives! In the distance, on a building, a cannon is busy firing junk at you. You will have to destroy the Duplicatotron and the robots it produces. When the robot does the body slam, have Patrick jump up and belly flop the robot. Activate the switch and a moving hook drops down. Is it just me, or is that the only smart thing SpongeBob has said the entire game so far?

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sponge bob bikini bottom walk through
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sponge bob bikini bottom walk through
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