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Also, I know these aren't real amatuers or anything like that. That's a big no-no in the industry. That's why I wait until I've missed several months of updates before signing up then doing a major grab. Want to add to the discussion? That post was bizarre and weird you may want to learn to share less but basically he put up new DRM so every video has a unique water mark so if its shared it can be easily traced back to the account. Personally, I'd rather spend that money on a hooker. I think I'm calling it quits.

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No solicitation or asking for glory holes, check out r4r or randomactsofblowjob.

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This is all speculation, inferred from his ominous 'this video is encoded' message, and comments from cumswallowingmovies. It's pointless expecting everyone who watches porn to pay for it. One minute I'm getting sweet p vids, next minute the owner's blanking out the girls' names and I'm not getting releases until months later, if I'm lucky, on slow-ass websites like cumswallowingmovies. Back on topic, does anyone know definitively why he stopped putting up names? There's been some new gloryhole sites that pop up but they're mainstream and boring as fuck.

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